The YMCA of GWC has two types of T-Ball programs for kids that promote skill development, fun and good sportsmanship!

T-Ball Rookie program is a 50/50 developmental style league. Each team will meet once per week practice will take place the first thirty minutes and game will follow for the remainder of the hour. YMCA Rookies is designed for the beginner who wants to experience youth sports once a week. Leagues are structured to allow for both practice and game experiences in the same day. Participants will learn new skills for 30 minutes and put those skills to the test during a short 30 minute game after the practice.

T-Ball Rookie Plus program focuses on skill development, sportsmanship, and a sense of team in a semi-competitive environment. Scores and standings will be kept. Our rules have been adjusted to ensure better parity and limit the ability of a team to “run up the score”. All Rookie Plus divisions will practice one hour per week with a game on Saturdays.

T-ball presents the perfect opportunity to learn introductory skills and develop a sense of responsibility and sportsmanship from an early age. Getting involved with any sport at an early age helps with establishing the building blocks that will nurture their character. Our coaches are trained to develop and nurture these early skills to push them on to a further successful experience. Contact us today with any inquiries!