Coach Pitch


Coach Pitch is a great way to introduce kids to the game of Baseball!

The YMCA of GWC offers Coach Pitch to all kids interested in developing skills and learning the rules of the game while having fun! The progressive nature of YMCA baseball provides a fun experience for kids at any level. Coaches teach the basic fundamentals of catching, throwing, hitting and teamwork.

The YMCA Rookie Plus program focuses on skill development, fun, and a sense of team in a semi-competitive environment. Our rules have been adjusted to ensure better parity and limit the ability of a team to “run up the score”. All Rookie Plus divisions will practice one hour per week with a game on Saturdays.

Baseball presents numerous benefits for teamwork and learning responsibility. Enrolling in our Coach Pitch program will be a great way for your child to get involved in a team setting and begin to build skills.  Contact us with any inquires and check out the rest of the youth sports we offer!

This program will improve their baseball skills and bring them into a team that is of the same age group and interests. Building up their skills efficiently and effectively enough to help them move on to a more advanced team. Baseball can improve skills like balance, endurance, and have a little bit of fun while doing so. The environment presents a healthy amount of competition and teamwork.