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Flag Football

As a no-contact sport, flag football brings all the fun of football, just without the pain and high risk of injury. We emphasize the importance of leadership, sportsmanship, and the ability to work in a team. These skills are coupled with an opportunity to get outside and get some exercise in a fun and exciting way. They will make lifelong friends as they learn how to work together and develop their balance, coordination and get some fitness in to boot.
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The Flag Football Rookie model is a 50/50 developmental style league. YMCA Rookies is designed for the beginner who wants to experience youth sports once a week. Leagues are structured to allow for both practice and game experiences in the same day. Participants will learn new skills for 30 minutes and put those skills to the test during a short 30 minute game after the practice.
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The Rookie Plus Flag Football program focuses on skill development, fun, and a sense of team in a semi-competitive environment. Our rules have been adjusted to ensure better parity and limit the ability of a team to “run up the score”. All Rookie Plus divisions will practice one hour per week with a game on Saturdays.

Flag Football 101

Flag Football is offered throughout the year, though there are registration deadlines for each season. The Y offers early bird discounts for each season. Review registration deadlines for the season below.

All equipment and uniforms will be provided by the YMCA. Equipment will be available at your practice location. Uniforms will be distributed by the first game. Uniforms consist of a reversible top. The home team will wear "Silver" on game day.

The rookie model is a 50/50 developmental style league. Participants will meet once per week. Instruction will take place the first 30 minutes and a game will follow for the remaining 30 minutes. All Rookie Plus divisions will practice one hour per week with a game on Saturdays.