Cooking & Baking Youth Classes

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With a YMCA cooking class, your child can learn how to make healthier and more nutritious choices, while preparing great tasting food.

Nutrition is at the heart of a healthy lifestyle. It affects our energy, our stress, the impact of exercise and our ability to think clearly. But all too many don’t know where to start. Cooking is a necessary skill and The Y is here to help!

Release Your Inner Chef with Cooking & Baking Classes at the Y

Release your inner chef in our cooking classes and workshops or take charge of your health with our nutrition classes and services. Our recreational hands-on cooking classes and workshops offer delicious, locally inspired, healthy food in a social environment. Not only will you walk away with delicious food, but you will walk away with cooking skills as we focus on technique. Classes and workshops are for all levels.

Our programs are designed to enhance people’s lives and promote healthy, happy lifestyles. All programs strive to make you strong in spirit, mind, and body. Whether you have a passion for dance, music, art, or you just don’t want to work-out alone, our programs offer you the chance to challenge yourself while keeping your mind and body active. Our programs serve a variety of interests for kids, teens, adults, and families while bringing together our community.

Our cooking & baking programs introduce children to recipes that they can make themselves. Sweets, snacks and other foods that your child can create!