Youth Programs

kids participating in youth programs

Bring out your creative side by participating in one of our youth programs offered at the YMCA of Greater Williamson County.

You are never too old to paint a landscape or play a melody on a flute. The Y has adult and youth programs for many of our music and art programs, from learning an instrument to dance lessons and more. These classes promote creativity through science, dance, cooking, and more to help your child develop and grow.

Art Classes

Whether you’re into painting, writing, or craft-making, the Y offers various programming that allows you to express your artsy side.

Cooking & Baking

With a YMCA cooking or baking class, your child can learn how to make healthier and more nutritious choices while preparing great-tasting food.

Dance Classes

Move your body to the beat with the Y’s dance lessons for adults and youth. You can select a combination class that introduces your child to ballet, classic jazz, and hip-hop. Introduce the joy of movement and dance with an introductory class that helps develop flexibility, coordination, balance, and grace using techniques from ballet, creative movement, gymnastics, and playful, educational games. Cha Cha your way to fun and community in the Y’s adult ballroom dance classes, where you will learn the rumba, tango, and waltz.


Gymnastics classes focus on enhancing basic body movement, coordination, and muscle development. The Y offers gymnastics for beginners to advanced levels.

Martial Arts

Martial Arts classes at the Y focus on self-confidence, self-defense, spatial awareness, coordination, and rhythm. All martial arts classes are grouped by age and skill level. Martial arts classes begin and end with warm-ups, stretching, and meditation. Participants learn beginning skills for striking, blocking, and movement in addition to proper falling techniques and practical self-defense techniques.

Science & Technology

Whether it’s learning experiments, building rudimentary robots, or early technology discoveries, your child will love our science and technology programs.


Kids (Ages 9-14 years old) will learn the basics of woodworking and create projects with their own two hands. Participants will get to take home their masterpieces!