Dance Classes


Move your body to the beat with the Y’s Dance Lessons!


Introduce the joy of movement and dance with an introductory class that helps develop flexibility, coordination, balance and grace using techniques from ballet, creative movement, gymnastics and playful educational games. Cha Cha your way to fun and community in the Y’s adult ballroom dancing classes where you will learn the rumba, tango and waltz.

  • Intro to Ballet: This class will introduce children to basic ballet vocabulary and technique in a structured yet fun setting. Simple coordination, musicality, rhythm and concentration will be emphasized.
  • Creative Movement: Children that love rhythm and movement and feel safe participating in a class. Students will use ribbons, scarves, bean bags and more as they combine imagination with music to learn body control, develop fine motor skills, and improve social skills.
  • Intro to Ballet/Jazz: This class introduces the student to: beginning ballet bar and center work, as well as jazz steps. We will also explore modern dance and floor work set to popular young children’s music.
  • Lyrical Contemporary: Space and social awareness is awakened through this encouraging style of lyrical movement to inspirational faith-based music.
  • Tap (5+ years): Fun introductory class/some-experience where dancers will enjoy learning basic tap skills and fun, rhythmic choreography.
  • Ballet/Jazz (6+ years): Age appropriate ballet technique with bar and center work. Jazz isolation and steps, modern dance floor work and movement.
  • Hip Hop (6+ years): This fun and high-energy class is geared towards those interested in learning the basic movements and infuse the latest styles of Hip Hop.
  • Drill Team (8+ years): This year-round performance team incorporates studio-style jazz, ballet, pom, contemporary, and hip hop. Terminology and dance skills are taught leading up to more challenging, and upbeat choreography.

Additional Family Programs Include: