Free Family Friday


Drop Off Your Kids For a Night Of Fun While You Go Out! Sign Up Today!

Free Family Friday Details:

You finally sit down to relax grabbing a bowl of popcorn and trying to enjoy your movie. When suddenly your children come in and they are both holding a marker, an open one at that and with their artwork now all over the walls. You laugh at their silliness, but sometimes you may need a break. This break can be Free family Friday which offers the perfect opportunity for a night of fun.

The YMCA is offering a Parents Night Out for you to have a night to yourselves! Your children will be supervised by staff and will have the opportunity to hang out with friends and participate in a variety of fun activities!

Imagine you get a quiet night to yourself and your partner. A night of enjoyment knowing that your children are safe and happy, enjoying their own activities on a night of fun. You can check out our other care programs once you hear all about how much fun they had and with only one night at the Y! At the Y, you can enjoy your night out knowing that your child is enjoying their night at the YMCA! We provide a variety of activities for an exciting evening for your children. Your child will participate in crafts, games, entertainment, and more while our staff provides a safe and well-supervised environment.

Are you looking for a place to watch your child while you can enjoy a night out? Well, look no further than the Y!

  • You may purchase a pizza dinner for your child on that evening for $ 3.50 (must be purchased prior to noon)
  • For $ 5 you have the option to buy an additional hour from 8pm to 9pm

Free Family Friday:

4pm-8pm; Ages 6 weeks-13 years old

Looking for a safe and encouraging environment where they are cared for? Our child care options at the Y may be perfect for your family.