Camps by Location

Kids Day Care Program preschool schedules

For parents and guardians who enjoy seeing their child’s face glow when retelling a camp story, and want to see their child accomplish things, the Y encourages you to enroll them in the YMCA camps!

Swimming, hiking, slip-and-sliding. Team sports and lone accomplishments. Being silly and being brave. Camps provide a safe, supportive and fun environment filled with new activities—the kids provide the spark!

Camps Impact Kids Development

The YMCA of Greater Williamson County’s day camp offers a mix of fun and educational activities aimed at improving kids’ wellbeing. Our program centers on three areas proven to impact kids’ development: friendship, accomplishment and belonging.


We’re here to inspire kids to work together and play together, creating friendships that can last a lifetime.


We are here to surround your kids with fantastic chances to try new experiences. Show them all they can do when they believe in themselves.


We’re here to make kids feel welcome. To help them quickly realize this is a place where they belong and can be themselves. To try new things. To make new friends. And be a part of something great.

Burnet Camp

  • Highland Lakes at Galloway-Hammond (Branch)

Cedar Park Camp

Hutto Camp

  • Hutto (Branch)
  • Excursion Camp Legacy (School Location)

Round Rock Camp

  • CHASCO (Branch) Specialty Camp
  • CHASCO (Branch) Full Day Excursion Camp
  • Camp Round Rock (Outdoor Adventure)