Master Swim

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Training for a triathlon? Just want to get back into the swim of things?

Masters Swim is for any adult swimmer looking to improve wellness or even compete year round. Masters Swimming classes are taught by Certified Swim Team coaches. Each coach is USA Swimming certified and American Swimming Coaches Association educated. The YMCA Masters Swimming Team is designed for, but not limited to, the adult swimmer who would like to improve on endurance and stroke technique. Competitive swimmers and beginners are more than welcome to participate. Participants must be 18+ years or older.

About Master Swim

The program is designed for adults between 18 and 100+ years of age. Workouts will be designed to develop: Fitness Swimmers, Triathletes, Competitive Swimmers, Open Water/Distance Swimmers.

Burnet Master Swim Program

The newest addition to the competitive aquatics family at the YMCA of the Highland Lakes in Burnet is the Bluebonnet Masters Swimming.

In just three months, the program has grown from zero to almost twenty adult swimmers, ranging from fitness to competitive, open water and triathlon swimmers.

The team is now United States Masters Swimming registered and coached by Jim Cole, a Level Three certified Masters Swim Coach.

Adult swimmers of all experience and ability levels and ranging in age from 18 to 100+ are welcome to swim with Bluebonnet.  The team has nine workout times each week.  Visitors from other Y’s, traveling USMS members and interested swimmers are always welcome to join a workout.

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