Intermediate Youth Swim

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Having mastered the basic skills in the basic levels, participants will learn additional water safety skills and begin to build some stroke technique.

In the Y’s Youth swim programs, participants can enjoy water sports, enhance or learn new techniques, meet new friends and develop confidence, while also learning safety skills that can save lives.

 This level of swimming lays the foundation for a skill set that can last a lifetime and is an ageless sport.

The swim lessons curriculum allows for both standardization and flexibility. The curriculum organization ensures that swim lessons programs look and sound the same at every Y across the country. But the way students move through the curriculum can be adapted to meet the needs of all Ys in all communities.

At a high level, the curriculum is organized into three general categories:

  • Swim Starters
  • Swim Basics
  • Swim Strokes

Once students have progressed through the stages in all three categories, they have the opportunity to follow three different pathways:

  • Competition: For students who want to swim competitively either at the Y or for a different organization
  • Leadership: For students who want to become a lifeguard or otherwise use swimming skills in their professional career
  • Recreation: For students who want to make swimming a part of a healthy lifestyle and a way of getting the recommended amount of physical activity per day