We offer a number of nutrition services to help you augment your overall fitness program.

The YMCA’s goal is to lead the community in creating a culture of good nutrition. We will help create an environment for better eating habits through YMCA programs, community collaborations, public policy advocacy, and other new healthy eating initiatives. Reaching and maintaining a healthier weight is important for your overall health and well being. At the Y, we’re here to support your wellness journey so that you can get to a healthier weight.

Nutritional Services

From a Complete Nutrition Assessment, a Computerized Dietary Analysis or our Menu of Services program, which includes an eating for health discussion, a grocery store tour and discussions on supplements, fat loss and sports-specific nutrition, we have the assistance you need.

The YMCA of Greater Williamson County also offers helpful tips on how to eat healthfully, how to stabilize blood sugar and simply feel and perform better using proper nutrition. We offer recipes, snack ideas and meal makeovers to encourage a healthy awareness about food choices.

Find out more about our Y Start Program.