Wellness Programs

Wellness Adult Seminar Program

Learn several ways to track your wellness, fitness and nutrition progress, and improve circulation, energy, and boost your immune system.

At the YMCA of Greater Williamson County, we want to make it easy for you to make healthy choices and to help you gain your confidence again. In our supportive environment, we offer wellness programs that promote a healthy lifestyle and give you coaching and fitness advice, as well as have on-site screenings.

Our wellness programs are sure to keep you on track to healthier, better living. At the Y we value the importance of health and wellness. We give fitness advice and lessons on nutrition to promote healthy living. Our wellness programs will be sure to improve your mental and physical health. The lessons don’t just end there. The Y knows the importance of the lifelong practice of healthy living.

Our nutrition programs teach the proper skills to recognize and initiate healthy eating. With different tools, programs and classes, The Y is the perfect place to create the best regime with physical activity, proper nutrition, and a healthy mindset. We can tailor the type of nutrition tips you may need.  A combination of these makes The Y the most ideal, affordable, and educated place to receive wellness advice.


We offer a number of nutrition services to help you augment your overall fitness program. From a Complete Nutrition Assessment, a Computerized Dietary Analysis or our Menu of Services program, which includes an eating for health discussion, a grocery store tour, and discussions on supplements, fat loss, and sports-specific nutrition. We have the nutrition assistance you need!

Combine our nutrition courses with a training program to reach your fitness goals.