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The goal of our afterschool program is to ensure safety for children (K-5th grade), while promoting healthy physical and emotional growth, helping working families and inspiring children to learn.

YMCA Afterschool programs strive to help each child reach their full potential by offering a positive and enriching environment that encourages the development of character, leadership and cooperative spirit. We offer care after school until 6:30pm and all-day care on most school holidays, including summer, at convenient school sites throughout greater Williamson and Burnet Counties.

For more information, please contact the Y Licensed Child Care Services Desk at (512) 615-5563.

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Y Afterschool is a program of the YMCA Greater Williamson County. This program is provided in collaboration with your school district. We uphold the heritage, tradition and values of the Y throughout our program activities. Our events reflect non-denominational, universal beliefs that transcend all cultures. We consistently demonstrate respect and support for all families, appreciating their right to determine and practice their own beliefs.

Purpose & Goals

To provide a safe, nurturing environment for all children by promoting healthy character development of spirit, mind and body. We work collaboratively with families, communities and school districts to ensure that each child receives a consistent set of life skills for success. To meet these goals, our Y Afterschool program incorporates the five Y Core Values, the 40 Developmental Assets set forth by the Search Institute and the experiential learning model.

Activities Your Child Can Expect:

Y Afterschool includes a healthy combination of homework / quiet time and high-level activity to keep the days busy and fun. There are sports and organized games that help develop the child’s sense of fair play, teamwork and physical coordination. Arts and crafts, songs and music encourage the children to explore their imaginations and utilize their creativity. Our enrichment activities include special areas of interest such as storytelling, special art projects, journalism, cake decorating, cooking, fitness and dance programs. Y Afterschool also incorporates a variety of special activities to ensure departure from the daily routine. These events include dances, outings, talent shows and community service projects. Special events promote leadership skills, volunteerism, organizational skills, problem solving and a sense of cooperation.