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The YMCA of Greater Williamson County offers Preschool and Afterschool programs that serve to engage, enrich, and empower youth throughout their lives.

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Engagement is key to helping children develop lasting relationships. At the Y, we focus on engaging youth in order to help them create new friendships, develop team-building and problem-solving skills, and grow socially and emotionally.
Time spent in childcare programs is the perfect opportunity to enrich the lives of youth. The Y focuses on enrichment through providing various content areas of interest as well as dedicated time to complete homework assignments from school. We believe in developing a healthy body, spirit, and mind as well as the core values of honesty, responsibility, respect, caring, and faith.
Through the Y's Childcare program we strive to empower youth to make decisions that will help them grow and develop social skills. By providing "Kid's Choice" activities, participants are able to make their own decisions helping them gain self-confidence and understanding the importance of working with others.

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Child care programs at the Y can provide priceless benefits to youth of every age. Whether it's Preschool or an Afterschool program, when kids are a part of intentional programming they have the opportunity to grow social and emotional skills that they can take with them for the rest of their lives. Child care programs expose children to others from varying backgrounds and help them develop friendships and the ability to form community and teamwork skills to be able to better understand and work with others.

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Why Choose Child care at the Y?

Child care engages children and encourages social growth.
Child care enriches youth in areas of their interest and helps them develop core values.
Child care empowers kids to make independent decisions and gain self-confidence.

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