Outdoor Education Program

Offers teachers an opportunity to enhance student learning experiences without detracting from the base curriculum. Programs enrich & reinforce classroom learning through engaging programs.

Learn With Nature

Provide opportunities for meaningful exploration in a natural setting. Develop an appreciation for the natural world. Promote environmental stewardship.

Why Explore The Outdoors?

Every summer, over 2,000 children have the chance to experience a unique, one-week adventure at YMCA Camp Twin Lakes. During their stay, we’ll help them achieve the following goals:

  • Grow in the Y’s five core values of caring, honesty, respect, responsibility and faith. Throughout the week, kids will face a number of challenges designed to help develop their character. We’ll provide positive feedback and reinforcement each time a camper displays one of these values, helping the camp as a whole learn and grow.
  • Learn to make good decisions. Every day, kids will have the chance to make choices regarding their schedule, activities, meals, hygiene and more. We’ll help them act independently and give them tools to continue making good decisions after camp ends.
  • Create lifelong friendships. Camp Twin Lakes is a safe environment where kids can build self-esteem, develop interpersonal skills and make lasting friendships and memories.
  • Develop an appreciation for nature. Hiking, swimming, kayaking, fishing, star-gazing, team sports — the number of outdoor experiences your camper will be exposed to is almost limitless.


Challenge By Choice

Our activities are “Challenge by Choice”, which simply means that we create an environment where campers are encouraged to push themselves to try each activity. The real benefits of life at Camp Twin Lakes come from the character development, guidance & encouragement to help kids realize their potential.

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Brushy Creek Trail

The Brushy Creek Trail begins at Hairy Man Road in the city of Round Rock. It ends at Twin Lakes Park at the YMCA. This 6.75 mile trail is accessible from walkers, runners and bikers. Along the trail lie six parks where you can find restrooms, pavilions, picnic areas, disc golf, canoeing and kayaking.

Other School Programs : Enriching the lives of teachers and students through outdoor education

Environmental Education: At Camp Twin Lakes we offer a variety of fun, adventure-based activities and interactive educational programs designed specifically for students. We can accommodate groups from as small as 20 students to as large as 500. We offer programs from as short as 1 hour to as long as one week.

Field Days & Field Trips: Come enjoy the great outdoors and change the scenery for a day from the same old classroom. We have multiple activities to choose from at Camp Twin Lakes from the environmental educational class programs to the recreational team building activities. We make learning fun for all ages

Project Graduation: Are you looking for a place to host your graduating class after the graduation ceremony? We have the perfect location with an activity to keep everyone involved and have fun throughout the night! Come check out our dual zip line in action or even try to hide on the paintball course…Camp Twin Lakes will not disappoint!

For more information please contact Stephanie Norton at snorton@ymcagwc.org or 512-615-5517.