Annual Campaign

Our Annual Campaign (formerly known as the Strong Kids Campaign) is central to the Y mission. By giving, you can help make sure that every boy and girl as well as their family can participate in life-enriching programs through the Y – regardless of their ability to pay. Every dollar you contribute makes a meaningful difference in the lives of families we serve and helps us give kids the power of values, so that they can grow up to become productive adults. One hundred percent of every dollar goes directly to children and families in need based on income, family size and economic circumstance. By pledging your gift and paying it throughout the year, you can assist more children.

For more information, including campaign impact and recognition levels, see the links below, download the Annual Brochure at the right or contact the Y’s Financial Development Office at (512) 615-5539.

Campaign Impact

The programs at the Y teach our kids to embrace the values of caring, honesty, respect, responsibility and faith. These values are so simple, yet they have the power to guide each kid throughout his or her life. By encouraging these essential values, Y programs can prevent negative influences from taking our kids down the wrong path. These programs give kids from every neighborhood throughout our community the foundation they need to make the right decisions about their lives.

The recreational and interactive programs at the Y attract families of all kinds. These programs foster positive interaction, and the instruction they offer helps keep kids focused on a promising future. When school is not in session, idle time is filled with educational enrichment and other fun activities that contribute to a child’s physical and mental well-being.

Our policy also delivers programs that meet the needs of our diverse community. Each Y branch serves different neighborhoods with different populations. Therefore, no two branches in our association are exactly alike. Each branch is as unique as the neighborhoods it serves.

To continue these programs, we need your help. By giving to our Annual Campaign, you can help make sure that every boy and girl and their family can participate in our life-enriching programs – regardless of their ability to pay. With your generous gift, you can help us give kids the power of values, so that they can grow up strong and become productive adults.

Recognition Levels

The YMCA of Greater Williamson County recognizes and appreciates all gifts to our Annual Campaign, regardless of their size. Individuals and businesses that make annual contributions of $1,000 and up are recognized at the Chairman’s Level.

All members of the Chairman’s Level receive an invitation to the Annual Chairman’s Round Table Dinner that is held each fall. Chairman’s Level members are also listed in the YMCA of Greater Williamson County Annual Report. Regardless of the size of your gift, all gifts enable the Y to enrich and expand its ongoing work with young people and families throughout Williamson County.