Youth Sports and Adapting to COVID 19

kids playing soccer for youth sports

Youth sports are a wonderful way to get your children active and involved. Youth sports encourage a mindset of teamwork and the value of friendship. Not only must your children problem solve and learn to work as a team, they will enjoy the competitive edge and the ability to get active. Staying active and encouraging that early on in their lives will lead to them living healthy and long lives.

Youth sports often are somewhat physical. It’s difficult to stay completely separated. However, at the Y we value your children’s safety as the utmost importance. We are introducing new procedures and guidelines to ensure that your child stays active and involved while also staying healthy and happy. Our new procedures include mask-wearing and constant use of antibacterial sanitizer. We also make sure to check the temperature of each and every child and whoever is in the car with them before any play or practice begins.

GWC YMCA Sports Updates 

How to Talk to Your Child

We know this time has been difficult, while we want to update you on our procedures and guidelines, we also want to communicate how we are here for you during this time. We know that it can be difficult to discuss this subject with your children. While maintaining the importance of staying healthy and having a balance of maintaining their feeling of security. Many parents are in the exact same shoes.

The most important thing to start with is making sure your children feel safe. This means being a source of comfort and support for them whenever they have questions or need help understanding. Many children will pick up on your stress and anxiety and in turn will feel it themselves. Setting up a home that is calm, careful, and rational will go a long way.

Let Them Ask

A way to help your children understand and feel listened to is to let them ask the questions. Begin with the facts and letting them understand. It helps to tell them with a helpful children friendly video if you’re struggling. Also, explaining and giving them the power to implement new changes is important. Give them a superhero to idolize, lets say handwashing man.

Tell Them What Will Change

Its important to be upfront and honest about what will be changing due to COVID. Preparing them for this will lessen the blow if they return to school or regular activities and it involves a lot of masks and handwashing.

Grow Their Empathy

This is a great time to nourish their ability to empathize with others. Describe how important essential and frontline health care workers are. Or how people are helping each other every day even during these difficult times. Show them videos of how to help the community. This also means having empathy for them as well. Be sure to address feelings of anxiety and empathize with them. Comfort them and be sure to look out for things that something deeper is going on.

Maintain a Normal Routine and Practice Self-care

Maintain and practice a normal routine. This may be a new routine you have created but maintain those movie nights, those taco Tuesdays, and early morning breakfast together. Make sure they know you still love and care for them the same. It’s also important to practice that care with yourself. Be sure to maintain hobbies and what you enjoy as well. Take a moment and breathe knowing you`re doing everything you can.

The Y is here to support our community and we are here for you and your family. Give us a call at any time to learn more about procedures and policies as they’re ever-changing to ensure we provide the best experience for everyone.