Winter Activities for the Whole Family

A family in winter clothing doing winter activities

Falling temperatures don’t mean that the fun has to end. Winter offers unique and exciting activities that aren’t typically available during the rest of the year. Whether you’re looking to spend time in or outside, there are plenty of affordable options for winter activities.

Indoor Activities

  • Recycled Arts and Crafts – As important as recycling is on its own; we want to make it more fun! Around the holidays, we usually have extra boxes, bags, or paper that get thrown out after they’ve been used. Instead of just getting rid of it, use those supplies for arts and crafts. Take those boxes and build a snowman, make that gift bag a reindeer, or cut snowflakes from the wrapping paper. Feel free to get as creative as you like while reusing what you have around the home.
  • Get Creative with Snacks – Snacking is a great way to spend your indoor time, so why not get creative with it? Take snack time with the kids and add a little holiday spin to it. You can do something as simple as making hot chocolate or bring out your inner baker and bake up some reindeer rice krispies. Whatever way you choose to go, the whole family can have fun sharing the kitchen to bake, decorate, and eat together.
  • Scavenger Hunt – Take some time to leave clues throughout the house and encourage everyone to work together to solve them all. Work together to find a treasure at the very end of this winter activity. The time spent solving each clue will not only help build problem-solving skills but also serves as a fun team building activity.
  • Indoor Camping – The weather may be starting to get too cold to go camping outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still camp. Set up some sleeping bags or the whole tent in the living room for the family. Make it a movie night while you’re at it. Pick your favorite holiday movie, “pack” some popcorn, and enjoy your camping experience.

Outdoor Activities

  • Take a Light Expedition – One of the most fun parts of the holiday season are all of the lights and decorations that are set up. Getting the family together to either walk or drive around is a great opportunity to spend time with each other and bond while taking in the sights.
  • Ice Skating – Besides building snowmen, ice skating may be one of the most popular winter activities. Whether it be outdoors or at an indoor rink, ice skating will get the family moving. Just don’t forget to bring a jacket.
  • Stargaze – The long winter nights are perfect for spending time outside together, bundled up and looking at the Take some time to learn more about the constellations and see if you’ll be able to find them in the night sky. Stay bundled up, and, if possible, build a fire together to help stay warm and cook up some smores.
  • Community Events – This time of year, there are all kinds of community events geared towards families. Whether it be a tree lighting, market day, or parade, there are options to meet everyone’s interests. Be sure to check your local event calendars to see what is planned in your area, as well as what you may need to bring or any health and safety guidelines to follow.

At the YMCA of Greater Williamson County, we have all kinds of winter activities for your whole family to enjoy. Find the perfect activity to help bring the entire family closer together and active this holiday season.