Spring Cleaning with the Whole Family!

A Spring Cleaning Sing in front of flowers

Winter is gone and spring is among us. This means flowers are blooming, the grass is turning greener, and it’s time to spring cleaning. Every family loves a clean and tidy home, but with a busy work schedule, kids, and an endless list of chores, how can anyone find time for spring cleaning?

Continue reading for all the tips and tricks to help keep your home sparkling clean all while keeping your family fully entertained. The key is to not just think of it as spring cleaning, but to think of it as a fun family activity. Here are 5 tips to keep spring cleaning fun and productive for your entire family!

1) Make it a Competition:

Everyone loves a good competition. So, let your kids clean their room and race to see who can throw away the most trash or put their clothes away the fastest. The person who wins gets a prize and you’re not stuck cleaning alone!

2) Have a Fashion Show:

Spring is the perfect time of year to go through all your old winter clothes and donate what you no longer need. Instead of going through each child’s closet guessing what does or does not fit, let your kiddo put on a fashion show. This way, they have fun dressing up while you get to see firsthand which clothes they no longer need. Whatever doesn’t fit pack away and donate!

3) Make a list:

Make a list of all the tasks you would like to complete and post them on the fridge. Every time your child completes a task, have them sign their name. Whoever completes the most tasks, gets to choose what activity you do as a family the following weekend.

4) Dance Party:

We all need to cut loose and listen to good tunes while cleaning. Make a playlist of your child’s favorite music and dance around the house as you clean together. Make cleaning fun!

5) Scavenger hunt

Place simple items all around your home in places where there is clutter. Then give your child a list of all the items you have hidden within the house. Let them know in order to find the items and win the game that they must clean up to find the hidden treasure.

Whether it’s cleaning, decluttering, or just spending quality family time together, these 5 tips are sure to help keep your home full of love and laughter this spring. So, let’s get started! Pull out the cleaning products, crank the music up, and get ready to have some family fun!