Why to Join an Afterschool Program

kids at an afterschool program

Signing your child up for an afterschool program proves a great way to get them involved in a safe and educational environment. There may be a time when you need someone to watch your child between the time when school gets out and you get home from work. An afterschool program is a perfect way to encourage your child’s social, emotional, and educational development.

There are numerous reasons to enroll your child in an afterschool program. They present a healthy and safe environment for your child to stay in and provide educational resources and support to help your child thrive as a student. They also introduce your child to a community of friends and a support system. Learn more about the top reasons your children should be in an afterschool program.

1.) A Safe Environment

Afterschool programs ensure that your child is in a safe environment that promotes good behavior. Unsupervised children often become bored and stumble into trouble. This could affect their personal well-being and development. An after-school program ensures that you know where they are, and that they are safe and enjoying themselves. After school programs help the decline of drug and alcohol use.

2.) Homework Help & Resources

Afterschool programs offer knowledge and education that continues well after school is over.

These programs can range from a healthy living program to youth leadership programs. Overall they encourage the development and growth of your child beyond the classroom. These programs also improve school performance. This includes improved test performance, better grades and higher quality work on homework.

These programs also aid in the development of your student. They get the attention they need to develop and understand more academic concepts. This also can help them learn the way that they learn and consume information best, through visual, auditory, or tactile, or a combination.

3.) Sense of Community

One of the biggest benefits of an afterschool program is that they give your child a community of peers who are their age. They get a chance to make new friends while bonding over shared activities and seeing each other every day. They’ll make friends who help with homework, play outside with them, and overall experience the same things. Your child will develop their social skills through always being introduced to new kids.

4.) Promoting Emotional and Social Development

Afterschool programs also boost a child’s confidence. With constant social interaction, these programs offer a space for your child to develop their language, listening and interaction skills. They are exposed to a variety of emotional and social interactions from a young age, which are vital to their development into successful and well-rounded adults.

At the YMCA, we take pride in providing a safe and educational after school environment for your child. The Y Afterschool program has a balanced combination of homework/quiet time and high-level activity to keep your child entertained and learning.  They participate in organized sports, games, arts and crafts, fun programs like cooking and more! Register your child for the YMCA Afterschool program for this school year.