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YMCA Core Values

The other day I was sitting in a restaurant and a friend asked me “why is the YMCA referred to as a movement?” Frankly, I had been calling the Y a “movement” for so long that I just assumed everyone considered it as such…. I guess I was mistaken.

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I could never get hired at Hallmark.  My assumption is that all Hallmark employees must know how to write the “catchy front cover stuff” as well as the “thoughtful, compassionate and poignant stuff” that shows up on the inside of a greeting card.

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Tis’ The Season for Pumpkin Spice Everything.. Are You Ready?

The Holiday Season is definitely upon us now, which means pumpkin spice everything is here!  Every year the pumpkin spice shows up earlier and earlier, and the variety of products keeps growing. Don’t worry here is your guide to all you need to know pumpkin spice for this holiday season!

Halloween Workout

Burn Off Halloween Candy Calories With A Pumpkin Workout!

Before you decide to throw out your carved pumpkins put them to use on a great workout!  Don’t let the guilt of the calories from eating candy get you down.  A little change in your workout is good, so try using a pumpkin in lieu of hitting the weight room.  There are so many fun

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The other day I mentioned to someone that I had recently started a tradition.  The look on their face conveyed a bit of skepticism, so I felt compelled to validate my history of success as a “tradition-builder”.

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The Older I Get

Lately I have noticed a pattern. The older I get, the more I tend to say things twice. I don’t really know when it happened. I think it was a somewhat organic process, which occurred over time. Or maybe I just came to the subconscious conclusion that saying something once was inadequate. Saying things twice adds a level of emphasis that seems to put my mind at ease. I have no idea where it puts the person’s mind that has to listen to me, but that is not a mystery I plan to spend any time investigating.

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Lima Beans

I don’t know about you, but I have always found saying “I’m done” to be very liberating. As a child, being able to say “I’m done” was a big deal.  Making this announcement not only gave me a sense of accomplishment, it established my preliminary position on my current status.  I liked establishing my position early, and I typically felt strongly about it.  Often I would push back my booster seat, rip off my bib and announce “I’m done.” This announcement would be accentuated by a spastic uplift of both arms, like a calf roper at the national finals rodeo.

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Empowering People

For some crazy reason, I recently decided to attend a few management technique conferences.  This is rare for me.  Usually my conference attendance is sporadic at best. I have found that if I spend two days listening to hyper-energetic speakers spouting off the latest management technique buzz words and sound bites, I need to allow at least 8-10 months for self-reflection so that I can quietly consider my conference takeaways at my own leisure.