Is HIIT Right for You

HIIT workouts

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a type of exercise of intense bursts of exercise followed by a rest period.  These workouts are becoming more and more popular. It refers to the workout that includes less intense activity, intermitted with intense intervals of activity. This structure of workout allows for short bursts of highly intense activity making it effective in losing weight and getting fit. HIIT workouts can be effective in building muscle, conditioning and weight loss.  HIIT workouts have numerous benefits that may just convert you to a HIIT workout regime.


Anywhere Anytime


HIIT workouts can be exercised anywhere. You don’t need equipment with HIIT workouts and can work with just your body to get the results you want. You can practice intervals of jogging or walking in place. It can be as easy as changing up intervals between fast jogging and walking to get those intense heart beating moments and those moments to catch your breath. HIIT allows you the ease of a workout without having to buy a bunch of equipment and hurting your wallet in the process. HIIT builds endurance and gives you lasting results, building your muscles and strength, and meeting your dream fitness goals.

Efficiency and time


HIIT workouts can be as long as 30 minutes or as little as four. At the Y we understand a busy life with events, kids and other things. It may be hard to fit a workout in between all the activity. HIIT workouts are perfect for an on the go busy schedule.  This type of interval workout has shown to achieve more success than spending long amounts of time on a treadmill or other machine. You could fit a workout into your lunch break even quickly in the morning or night. HIIT fits around your schedule while getting you fit in the process.

Weight Loss Awaits


HIIT is particularly effective for losing weight. Burning fat and building lean muscle is the key to successfully losing weight and getting fit. With HIIT instead if a diet, you can burn those calories while still building and preserving those lean muscles. The intense workouts HIIT has with cardio workout kicks your body into fat burning overdrive. These intense spurts result in your body continuing to burn fat even after your workout ends. This also results in improving your metabolism and the burning of fat even after a workout is done.

Heart and Mind Healthy


Working out is known to boost immune system health and release endorphins, giving you a sense of accomplishment and improving overall mental and physical health. HIIT workouts also improve cardiovascular health with the addition of intervals of intense workouts with rest time, resulting in strengthening your oxygen consumption and heart health. HIIT is shown to improve and maintain heart health with the right implementation. These intervals increase the ability to intake oxygen and pump blood efficiently.


Improve Metabolism


HIIT workouts are known to stimulate the HGH human growth hormone, creating a metabolic disturbance that results in increasing metabolism. This fat burning lasts for long after the workout, still burning calories. This increases metabolism and keeps your body performing at a higher rate. HIIT is the supercharged way to burn calories constantly. Our cardio programs at the Y teach various activities to incorporate in your HIIT cardio regimen.