Introducing the Reset Challenge!

Reset Challenge

Introducing the Reset Challenge!

A new year is a perfect time to start working on new goals and resolutions. To help our community reach their health, fitness, and lifestyle goals, we’re excited to introduce the Reset Challenge! The Reset Challenge is a series of challenges starting February 1st, 2021 and runs for six weeks ending in March. Each week, we will focus on a different aspect of healthy living and how to achieve it.

Week 1 – Reset

Start your fitness journey off strong by finding 150 minutes a week to be active! No matter what you choose to do, just getting up and moving start the reset for our lives. From walking to swimming, aerobics to weightlifting, there is an infinite number of options for activities that can benefit our health and get us active.

Week 2 – Refresh

After getting a start on our fitness journey, we’ll add to our fitness goals with a weekend of clean eating.Although clean eating may sound intimidating, we’re here to assure you that it doesn’t have to be! With a focus on fresh, whole foods, the idea of clean eating is to make choices that provide the maximum nutritional benefits to our bodies.

Week 3 – Reconnect

When we move into our third week, we’ll focus on our connections to those around us. Whether you choose to visit, call, or zoom a loved one, our third week of the Reset Challenge will help us get closer and develop our bonds. During this week, we’ll also connect with our accountability buddy as a way to help each other meet our goals.

Week 4 – Replay

The fun doesn’t have to stop as we become adults. On the fourth week of the Reset Challenge, we’re going to find ways to fit fun into our weeks! Think about the things you love to do and then set times during the week to do them along with your other goals. Whether it be reading a book, playing a sport, or doing a fun family activity, this week is dedicated to doing the things you love and having fun!

Week 5 – Reinvest

On week five of our challenge, we want to focus on our community. We’ll explore ways to take our talents, treasures, or time to give back to our neighbors. Giving back is an important part of the Reset Challenge and helps us focus outward to help those around us.

Week 6 – Restored

The last week of the Reset Challenge! Congrats on all of the hard work and dedication you have put in over the last six weeks. We want to keep using our new goals and habits to live a fresh and restored life. The Y is always here to support fitness and lifestyle goals. Though the challenge ends here, the journey is just beginning.

Reset with the Y

Join thousands of fellow teammates nationally participating in the Reset Challenge, working on start 2021 on a positive note. We’re encouraging all participants to sign up for the challenge by February 1st, though interested participants can still join up to a week after. To help reach you reach your goals, we will be sending text prompts featuring motivation and tools that can help to set the foundation for healthy habits, in addition to other resources:

  • Free virtual classes (Live and On-Demand)
  • Free virtual content for healthy living
  • National expert coaches (Fitness, Nutrition, Meditation, and more!)
  • Once weekly access to the YMCA branches for the public

Join us in February as we hit RESET and work to accomplish our new goals and healthy habits. We’re looking forward to the change all of our participants will make for themselves and their community this year!