Indoor Activities to Entertain the Whole Family

Playing a game for an indoor activity

Kids are at home a lot more often nowadays and it’s important to stay bonded as a family while also staying entertained! Watching tv seems to the easiest activity, however, staring at a screen for hours on end can get old and boring. Bring some joy and liveliness back to your home and check out these different indoor activities that can entertain the whole family for hours.

Do Some Brain Busters

With your children no longer in school, it’s important to train and exercise their brain any way you can. Puzzle games and brain busters are wonderful ways to get them and family members of any age engaged. There are various games and brain teasers to encourage activity, check out fun brain teasers to do with the ask the whole family and see if you can figure it out together. Board games and card playing are also wonderful activities to sit down and do with the whole family.

Build a Movie Theatre

A night of smores, stories and family bonding awaits. Your family will never forget the night all of you gathered all the blankets and pillows and built your very own movie theatre. Put your blanket over the tv and create your very own fort theater. It’s a true problem-solving activity to set up the theater and will lead to a fun late-night activity. Pick a couple of your favorite movies and snuggle up for a night in. Throw some popcorn and make some stovetop smores for good measure.

Create some Tasty Treats

Another activity to do indoors is to try a new baking recipe. It is an essential skill to teach your children and can be a great way to pass the time. Cooking and baking are activities that aren’t just fun but rewarding. Lookup a new baking recipe and gather all the ingredients and supplies needed. Have each family member bake the item and make a competition out of it to create the tastiest treat!

Get Active

It’s just as important to exercise and stay active as ever, regular exercising and activity can lead to better health and even boost your immune system. There are numerous indoor active activities that you can do with the whole family. Firstly, get online and find a workout class or short how-to video on different exercises. Workouts are a great way to burn off that extra energy from being stuck inside all day. Another option is to create an indoor obstacle course made out of different items in the house. It’s a fun way to get creative and interactive with the kids. Lastly, playing the tried and true indoor games that cause activity. These are games from hide and seek to Simon says to even limbo.

Go on a Treasure Hunt

X marks the spot in this activity. Dress up your kids as pirates for the day and let them go on a little adventure. Hide certain items around the house and draw a map with steps they have to follow and activities they have to pass to get to the next spot. Make sure to use your Rs often and create a pirate world for them.

Take a Spa Day

A stressful time requires a little TLC! Enjoy your very own spa day at home with the family. Look up some at-home recipes for homemade facemasks and give your skin a little attention. Start with some meditation to quiet the mind, move on to some at-home yoga with the kids, and practice that tree pose. Move on to the facemasks, and sit back and relax, you deserve it. If you’re looking to liven it up, break out the makeup and crazy hairstyles to entertain the kids for hours. 

Sit Down and Create

Drawing and painting are great ways to pass the time and get the kids to sit down and focus on something they can create. There are many sites with creative arts and crafts ideas families can enjoy making together. Learn which activities best suit you and the kids and gather your supplies to make for one fun afternoon!

The YMCA is a perfect resource for ideas on how to get creative. Although our facilities are closed, YMCA is still here to support our community and the families within it. On our Facebook page, we host many Facebook Lives and share resources for fun indoor activities. Check out our ideas on how to keep your family active, happy, and healthy.