Now is the Time to Practice Self-Care

meditating to practice self-care

A global pandemic can really take a toll on mental and physical health. It’s important to take this time to take a breath and practice a little self-care. Self-care can be anything from finishing a hard workout to laying down, closing your eyes, putting on a facemask, and getting a little quiet time. Self-care should improve your mental and physical health, which is essential to pay attention to in a global pandemic.

Eat Healthy and Stay Active

A huge part of taking care of your body is giving it the fuel to function. Well-balanced meals and plenty of nutrients is crucial to your body’s health. Eating food high in calories, fats, and sugars can lead to problems with heart disease and diabetes. Eating these types of foods also deplete your energy and decrease brain function. Your body needs the correct amount of micronutrients, vitamins, and healthy food groups. When properly nourished, the body`s immune system can perform correctly and fight off bacteria and diseases. Occasional treats here and there can be a good change, however, be mindful of what you put in the body because it drastically affects how you feel.

Staying active is another way to practice self-care and boost your immune system functions. Workouts can be done anywhere at any time and are even offered online in a variety of classes and videos. Exercise is also shown to decrease levels of stress and anxiety, while also implementing a feeling of accomplishment and pride.

Establish a Routine

Establishing a routine can make you feel organized and in control. A routine lets you create checklists and maintain a structured day. This allows you to focus on things one task at a time and stay on top of what has to get done. It is especially helpful when tutoring children at home. Creating a structure for them to adhere to teaches a sense of responsibility. Sticking to a sleep schedule can also improve health and mental functions. By going to bed at reasonable hours, the body can recharge and get the right amount of sleep it needs.

Take a Breath

The mind is just as important for overall health as the body. Meditation is shown to help a variety of functions in the brain. Sitting down for mediation once a day has been shown to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, improving overall mental health.  Meditation can also improve cognitive functions like concentration and attention.  Meditation also aids in preserving brain function as we age. Sitting down once a day, taking a deep breath, and practicing some mindful meditation gives your brain the TLC it is craving.

Learn a New Skill

A way to prevent boredom and get involved in an activity is to learn a new skill. This can be anything from learning to sew or playing an instrument. This can be a fun activity for the whole family to partake in. You can choose from more practical skills like how to change a tire or get more creative and learn how to take the perfect photo. Decide what you’re passionate about and look up video tutorials and get started today!

Go at Your Pace

It’s wonderful if you choose to get involved with activities, learn new skills, and try to come out of this stronger and more knowledgeable. However, it is perfectly fine to go at your own pace. A global pandemic is a time to give yourself a break from those hard expectations. Check-in with yourself often and make sure to practice self-care.

Although our doors may be closed for now, the YMCA of Greater Williamson County is here for you. Check out our website on ways to protect yourself and others from illness and to view the ongoing changes due to COVID-19.