Give Your Kids the Best. Spring Break. Ever!

Kids huddled at a spring break camp

Spring break is coming soon and if you don’t plan on going on vacation or taking time off work to be with your kids, this can be a stressful situation. What do you do when you’re used to your child going to school every day and suddenly that childcare is closed for a week? The YMCA of Greater Williamson County has the perfect solution to give your kids the best spring break ever! Our spring break camp is offered at our CHASCO, Hutto, Twin Lakes, and Highland Lakes branches, plus at our two outdoor camp locations, Camp Twin Lakes and Camp Round Rock. We have a camp for every kid’s interest, so read on to find the best option for your child.

For the Kid Who Has Endless Energy

Play It All

If it involves running and throwing or kicking balls, your kid is all over it. This day camp is the perfect way to give your little athlete a taste of everything! Each day, our trained Y staff will introduce a different sport and teach the basic skills of that sport. Your child will gain experience and practice in football, basketball, and soccer, plus a ton of great memories.

Fit Kids

Introduce your pre-teen to the world of weightlifting and other fitness equipment. This camp will thoroughly educate participants on the fitness equipment etiquette and form, plus proper nutrition, plus include fun games. By the end, your kid will have a TNT certificate and a much better understanding of how to use a variety of gym equipment to stay in shape.

For Your Budding Dancer

Rhythm & Fly

Your young dancer will learn a variety of dance styles including hip hop, lyrical, drill team and cheer skills such as tumbling, stunts, and jumps. No experience is required and at the end of the week, all campers will perform in a show and showcase everything they’ve learned!


Tuck, tumble, and roll! Introduce your child to the sport of gymnastics through fun games and skill development on the floor, bars and beam. If your child is constantly showing you how flexible they are, gymnastics day camp is the perfect way to improve their skills!

For the Child Who’s Always Creating Something

Craft Crashers

Your little artist will feel right at home in this day camp, where they get to participate in a variety of projects from creative crafts, painting, woodworking and more. Get ready to have a ton of new art pieces to display in your home!

Top Chef/Baking

After a week at this day camp, it will be your child’s turn to cook dinner! Besides learning new recipes and cooking techniques, campers will also learn about kitchen safety, table setting, and proper kitchen tool usage.

For the Outdoor Adventurer

Camp Round Rock & Camp Twin Lakes

Spring break camp is the perfect way to give your child a taste of summer camp with the Y! Campers will get to participate in most of the normal camp activities such as the climbing wall, archery, and hiking! If your child is thinking about attending an outdoor summer camp, this is the perfect tester camp. Here they can get a feel for the camp life all day!

At the Y, we have a camp for every child and their interests. Give your kid a spring break to remember with the YMCA Spring Break Camp and register today.