Fun Halloween DIY Projects and Costumes

Young girl dressed as a witch on Halloween

A Spooktacular Halloween season is just around the corner! Halloween is a time for candy, adventure and to enjoy all the scary and fun festivities. Halloween this year may look just a little bit different. Due to COVID and new health codes, masks are now not just for Halloween time. Some tips on celebrating Halloween during COVID may be helpful to keep the holiday as enjoyable as possible for you and your family.

Ways to Give out Treats

Due to the passing of germs and the usual “grab candy” policy of Halloween, it’s important to still maintain safety and health recommendations while still getting some good treats. Instead of one bowl that children grab out of, bag the candies separately in little goodie bags and leaving them on a table for kids to come up and take.

Way to celebrate with others

Usually, on Halloween, you can enjoy spending time with the neighbors and letting your kids play, but this doesn’t have to end! If you follow the proper socially distancing measures you can still enjoy a cup of cider and some treats together.

Ways to Entertain without Going Out

If you choose not to trick or treat this year there are more fun ways to celebrate at home!

  • Make your own haunted house- this can be a great way to get your kid involved and they can enjoy walking through a spooky haunted homemade just for them! Buy spiderweb, fake spiders, turn the lights off and put on a scary closet to bring some fun from home!
  • Movie Marathon- Who doesn’t love a good Halloween themed movie marathon? This can be a classic activity during Halloween, while you sit down and eat up all the goodies you have. Pick a spooky movie to enjoy with the family.
  • Gather around a fire for some ghost stories- a classic, fun, and slightly creepy tradition usually in camping can be done at home! Ghost stories can be perfect for keeping you and your family entertained while enjoying fresh air and that autumn chill.
  • Jack lantern time! A Halloween tradition that can be done anywhere anytime is jack o lanterns. The gooey messiness and a vast amount of possibilities makes it endless fun for any family. Whether it’s a jack o lantern full of sharp teeth or a sweet animal.
  • Get crafting- making some fun DIY crafts can be a wonderful way to get creative and get involved!

Making the Perfect DIY Costume

DIY costumes are a great money saver and way to spend time with your children creating something that they get to wear and enjoy. Whether it is a self-made cat costume all the way to becoming a giant Lego! These fun and quirky ideas are sure to impress the whole neighborhood!

Greater Williamson County YMCA encourages a safe and fun Halloween this year! Check out our five trick or treating tips to ensure you dot just stay healthy, but safe and happy. Have a Spooktacular Halloween!