Spice Up Autumn With 5 Fall Family Activities

Mother and son baking doing fall family activities

Spice Up Autumn With 5 Fall Family Activities

Autumn is in full swing in our beautiful state of Texas! Leaves are changing color, the weather is beginning to cool, and pumpkin spice is in the air. Autumn is the perfect time to find new things you can do as a family to grow closer together and develop long-lasting memories. We’re sharing some of our favorite fall family activities to help you and your loved ones make the most of your time together during one of our favorite seasons.

Go Hiking

The fall weather is the perfect opportunity to get out in nature and take a hike. Texas has an incredible amount of natural beauty that is just waiting to be explored. Take some time with the family to research local trails and find the ones that will be perfect for fall family activities. Remember to keep in mind the trail difficulty if you will be hiking with young children and come to the trail prepared with extra water, snacks, and first aid supplies.

Gather Around the Fire

On a crisp and cool autumn night, there is nothing better than gathering around a bonfire with your loved ones. Around the fire, your family can enjoy various fall activities like telling stories or making s’mores. Be sure that everyone is practicing fire safety around the bonfire and in case of an emergency, keep a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher close by.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Nothing is more thought of as a fall family activity than visiting a pumpkin patch. When you take the family to visit a local pumpkin patch, not only do you get to have a great time as a family but you also get to support the local farmers in your area. Beyond letting the kids pick out their own pumpkins for the holidays, it can also be a chance to pick apples, enjoy a hayride, explore a corn maze, and take festive fall photos.

Arts and Crafts

Fall family activities don’t always have to take you away from the house. For a relaxing day at home that will let everyone in the family flex their creative muscles, nothing is better than doing arts and crafts. One of the most iconic fall arts and crafts projects over the years has been hand turkeys. While it is a simple project, there are so many ways for kids to take their turkey and turn it into something that is their own.

Projects don’t have to be limited to a page either, they can even be edible! If you’re looking to combine snack time with a fun family activity there are various fall-themed snacks that are easy for kids and parents to make together.

Visit the Y

At the Y, we have activities for every season! All year we have various classes, sports, activities, and events that families can take part in. No matter your interests, we have fall family activities that will be a perfect fit for everyone. The YMCA is built on the principles of providing a place where families can grow together and build healthy minds, bodies, and relationships together. Whether you want to learn a new skill or achieve a healthier lifestyle, the Y is here to help. Check out our events schedule or find your class and start making the most of your autumn as a family!