Burn Off Halloween Candy Calories With A Pumpkin Workout!

Halloween Workout

Before you decide to throw out your carved pumpkins put them to use on a great workout!  Don’t let the guilt of the calories from eating candy get you down.  A little change in your workout is good, so try using a pumpkin in lieu of hitting the weight room.  There are so many fun exercises you can do at home with a pumpkin!

Exercise ideas:

  • Push-ups with both hands on top of the pumpkin
  • Goblet squats with lifting the pumpkin over-head when standing
  • Side lunges holding pumpkin for weight
  • Twisting lunges while holding and moving the pumpkin side-to-side
  • Seated Russian twist holding and moving the pumpkin side-to-side
  • Sit-ups while holding the pumpkin for weight

The exercises are limitless!


Do you get tired of the same old workout routine when you hit the gym?  At the YMCA we offer bootcamp classes that allow your workouts to be creative and different.  At the Twin Lakes YMCA the bootcamp class has taken it to the next level with a pumpkin workout of their own!  What better way to change up your routine,  have fun working out, and with your friends?  Try a bootcamp class for yourself, you won’t regret it!