Benefits of being a Camp Counselor!

YMCA Camp Counselors

“You forget that there is another world outside of camp because you get so immersed in the camp culture.” (YMCA Camp Twin Lakes Counselor)

The world is full of all kinds of different jobs. Although, the best job that anyone can ever have is being a Summer Camp Counselor. This wonderful job allows you to not only grow as an individual but help influence a positive change into children of all ages. Being a Camp Counselor is a magical experience! You get to wake up every day to spend time with your best friends, experience new activities and hang out with kids who look up to you as an older sibling. When you become a Camp Counselor, you’re not just getting a job, you’re gaining a family. Working as a Camp Counselor is a once in a lifetime rewarding experience that you can never get anywhere else and here is why:

1) Get Paid to Play

One of the best benefits of being a Camp Counselor is that even though it is a job, it never feels like you are really working. You are basically getting paid to go out and just have fun! Every day brings something new to experience. This job allows for an opportunity that you can only receive at camp. Where else can you go zip line across a lake and call it work? You can only get that kind of experience by being a Counselor! You will spend all day in the fresh outdoors surrounded by sunshine, fresh air, and two beautiful lakes.

2) The Family You Gain

The people you work with are not just your coworkers. They become lifelong friends that you will cherish for years to come! No matter where your journey takes you in life, you will always have the bond of Summer Camp to remember and keep you close. Once you experience the magic of Camp, you’re hooked for life!

3) The Experience You Gain

You’re only young once! Being a young adult doesn’t last long in life, so you must enjoy it while you can. Coming to Camp allows you to let out your inner child and create memories that you will cherish forever. Being a Camp Counselor, you get the best of both worlds! You get to be a kid again, all while gaining the tools and skills necessary to benefit you in the future. You learn communication skills, organization, leadership skills, and grow in ways that you never thought were possible.

4) Adventure

When you come to Camp you get to try so many new things, such as Tango Tower, Paddle Boarding, Woodworking, and so much more! With all the activities that camp has to offer, your options are limitless! You take on a different adventure each and every day by conquering your fears and exploring.

5) You Are a Role Model

We saved the best for last! Being a Summer Camp Counselor is about so many different things, but most importantly, it’s about being a role model for a child. Every child has their own story in life. Kids remember a lot of different aspects of Camp, but if you ask any child what their favorite part of camp was, they will always say, “My Camp Counselor!” With this job, you are the most important part of what makes Camp, “Camp”. Our campers look up to you and everything you do in so many ways. To many of our campers, you are the sibling they never had.

So, join our family this summer for 2020 Summer Camp at YMCA Camp Twin Lakes! We promise it will be the best summer of your life and one you will never forget. Come join our team and help us impact a child’s life and experience the magic at Camp