5 Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

Trick Or Treat For Unicef Stacked Boxes

1. Plan a Route in Advance

Make your plan before leaving the house. Trick- or-treating can have you traveling several streets from your house. Try to avoid long paths, and go a route that your child may already know. As a reminder wear comfortable shoes to avoid sore feet and frustration from getting tired.

2. Stay Bright and Well-lit

Always carry a flashlight with you when heading out to trick-or-treat. If your child is wearing a dark costume apply reflective tape to it to help cars and others see them. It is very important to stay bright and well-seen when out at night. Stay on the sidewalk or walking path at all times, look both ways before crossing a street and only cross at the corner.

3. Never Trick-or-Treat Alone

Trick-or treat with a group of friends and make sure an adult is present as your child makes their way around the planned route. Always have a buddy that knows where you are, plus it makes trick-or-treating more fun with friends

4. Use Face Paint, Avoid Masks

Masks have been known to cause difficulty seeing while out on the trick-or-treating route. Use face paint if possible and make your costume more unique. Try the face paint on a small area prior to Halloween to make sure there is no irritation, and always wash it off before bedtime!

5. Check your Child’s Candy

Always check the goodie bag before allowing your child to eat any of the candy. Remove unwrapped open candy, discard any brand names you do not recognize, and enjoy it!