3 Best Summer Jobs for Teenagers

lifeguard - Summer Job

Summer jobs are often a teenager’s first opportunity to gain valuable working experience

These jobs offer teens the opportunity to earn a little extra spending money for their summer plans and allow them to learn a variety of skills that will help them throughout life. Not all summer jobs are created the same though, and some are better for teens than others.

Lifeguard / Swim Instructor

No job says summer more than working as a lifeguard or swim instructor. These are some of the top summer jobs for teenagers, especially those who are strong swimmers. As a summer lifeguard, teens will play a role in enforcing safety rules and supervising swimmers of all ages in and around water.

Becoming a lifeguard does involve more than just submitting an application though, and requires specific training in order to ensure lifeguards are ready to act if an emergency occurs.

Like lifeguarding, to obtain a job as a swim instructor, there is specific training required to apply for the position. Once a teen has gone through the training, they will have one of the most rewarding summer jobs around. As a swim instructor, teenagers will have the opportunity to teach people of all ages how to swim, a lifelong skill that can make all the difference in someone’s life.

Camp Counselor

Summer camps are a huge part of many kids’ lives and can play a huge role in shaping their childhood. A significant contributor to the influence of summer camps are the camp counselors who help run the camp and work with the kids.

Beyond serving as a role model, working as a summer camp counselor allows teens to have their own summer adventure, make friends, and various other benefits. If you’re looking for summer jobs as a teenager, no other option is more fun than being a camp counselor. Whether you choose a day or overnight camp, working as a summer camp counselor will provide valuable work experience and your own summer adventure.

Babysitter / Childcare Counselor

If you work well with children, then babysitting or a summer job working for a childcare program will be the perfect option. Most people often believe summer jobs for teenagers are limited or aren’t beneficial to future, long-term careers, but that couldn’t be further from the truth for babysitters or childcare workers.

For any teens interested in working with children or teaching, the experience gained from these summer jobs will be a great starting point. While qualifications will depend on where you would like to work, taking a class to earn a babysitting certification is often very beneficial and can give you a leg up on other candidates.

The Y is proud to be an equal opportunity employer throughout Greater Williamson County. Whether you’re a teenager looking for summer jobs or an adult looking for something full-time, we have various options to match your skills and interests. Choosing one of our summer jobs as a teenager will provide you with invaluable life skills and experiences that you will be able to apply to anything you choose to do in the future. Explore our current open positions and apply to join the Y family today!