Board of Directors

Gregg Miller - Board Chair
John S. Avery Sr.
Joe Baker
Roy Beard
Jim Boles
Kim Britton
Buddy Crossley
Charlie Culpepper
R. Mark Dietz
Mike Doss
Don Eddleman
Jay Fox
Joyce Fritz
Jeff Gaddis
Chaz Glace
Tom Glenn
Keith Hagler
Ron Hagood
David Hays
Scott Herndon
Keith Hickman
Dauphen Jackson
Steve Laukhuf
Blake Magee
Nyle Maxwell
Lee McIntosh
Deanna Miller
Karalei Nunn
Kara Pinnelli
Cary Rabb
Jon Sloan
Try Taparauskas
Brad Thorne
Tim Timmerman
Norman Trubee
T. Shaun Tuggle
George White

  • Jeff Andresen


  • Rebecca L

    Executive Administrative Assistant to the President / CEO

  • Kellie B

    Chief Financial Officer

  • David S

    Vice President, Operations - East

  • Cameran B

    Vice President, Operations - West

  • Brian S

    Vice President, Youth Development

  • Laura A

    Vice President, Marketing/Communications & Member Engagement


    Vice President, Human Resources

  • Kristen C

    Human Resources Manager

  • Roxanna S

    Payroll Specialist

  • Billy P

    Accounting Manager

  • Linda K

    Accounting Specialist

  • Brian G

    Senior Creative Director

  • Samantha C

    Digital Marketing Manager

  • Dustin F

    Technology Resource Director

  • Sandy M

    Executive Director, Financial Development

  • Theresa C

    Special Events Director

  • Lona B

    Campaign Collections & Donor Appreciation Coordinator